iPhone to get live BBC, Bloomberg channels

3 Dec 2008

The folks at Livestation, who brought us live streaming television news channels to our PCs and Macs with its interactive desktop application, have now developed the same functionality for both the iPhone and iPod touch, meaning live television will soon be one step from the App Store.

This new iPhone application – which Livestation CEO Matteo Berlucchi said would be coming soon to the general public – will work on both the original and 3G models of the Apple iPhone, as well as the iPod touch, and will stream via Wi-Fi.

The application will show live television straight from Livestation’s partner channels, which include BBC World News, Bloomberg Television, Euronews, France 24 and Al Jazeera.

Berlucchi said that Livestation is working on the technology right now, and that while a working model is now available, it is focusing on making the experience as good as the current desktop application.

This iPhone app will work by allowing the user to scroll through a menu of channels, and in the 10 seconds it takes to connect and load the station, there will possibly be advertisements in place.

The firm has just began talks with Apple, and so far the official Livestation partners are the only channels to be mentioned for the iPhone. However,the recent ‘add your own channels’ feature added to the desktop application could possibly be introduced in the future, giving YouTube a little competition.

Livestation’s live streaming TV for the iPhone will be demoed tomorrow, 4 December at 5pm, and can be seen live on the site at this time.

By Marie Boran

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