Ireland comes 16th in European ICT hub rankings

14 Apr 2014

The Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin

A new study from the European Commission (EC) has ranked Ireland 16th out of 34 tech hubs in Europe based on access to top universities and research centres and funding opportunities, such as venture capital.

In its new interactive European atlas breaking down its findings, the EC will use the new information in future EU policy formulation on encouraging innovation in the EU.

The data will also feed into the EURIPIDIS project, which focuses on ICT innovation policy and on transferring the best research ideas to the market.

However, despite Ireland being the European centre for many of the largest tech companies across the world, Ireland languishes in mid-table beside cities like Berlin, Milan and Aachen, with a score of 57 out of 100, according to the European ICT Pole of Excellence (EIPE) composite indicator.

The indicator assigned scores in terms of ICT activity according to its relative weight with only 14pc of the 1,303 regions across the EU scoring above 20 points with the top 34 scoring between 41 and 100.

Highest on the list, with a perfect 100 points, is the Munich, Kreisfreie Stadt region, followed by inner London and Paris with 97 and 95 points, respectively.

Speaking about the findings, EC vice-president Neelie Kroes said, “This is proof that digital success comes through a willingness to invest, an open mindset for innovation and planning. Europe needs to build these values today to be a global leader in technology.”

EU ICT hubs

A map of the largest ICT hubs in Europe. Image via the European Commission

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic