Ireland-UK under-sea fibre cable to go live in December

27 Sep 2011

Described as one Europe’s most advanced sub-sea cable networks, CeltixConnect has revealed that its €15m Ireland to UK fibre optic network will go live on 12 December.

CeltixConnect’s parent company Sea Fibre Networks has signed a contract with NSQ and Global Marine Systems for cable manufacture and subsea cable-lay.

“This was the last hurdle we faced to construct the cable in Irish waters,” CeltixConnect CEO Diane Hodnett explained. “SFN’s ongoing commitment to this cable project demonstrates our belief in the continued expansion of the technology and telecoms sector in Ireland and the UK”.

Works are currently underway on the terrestrial routes in Holyhead and Dublin.

Subsea cables transport 98pc of internet traffic cables

When live, the subsea network will reduce 100km off existing subsea cables to reduce latency.

The new fibre network will more than double the existing capacity connecting Ireland and the UIK.

The CeltixConnect network will land at East Point Business Park and the IFSC, requiring 5km of terrestrial backhaul before connecting with other fibre networks in Dublin.

It also intersects with theT50 metropolitan area network that links key business districts, data centres and business parks in Dublin.

The cable will land at Anglesey, a recently announced enterprise zone for the energy sector in Wales and then connects with Manchester, London and onwards to mainland Europe.

North Wales’ Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science, Edwina Hart welcomed the potential benefits the network could bring to North Wales.

“This private sector investment in such critically important infrastructure is very welcome and provides the region with access to international network connectivity –an increasingly important consideration for businesses and inward investment prospects.

“It has the potential to support the development of Anglesey’s Energy Island project as well as our plans for an Enterprise Zone,” Minister Hart said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years