Irish firm to deploy ‘office anywhere’ service

14 Mar 2006

Corporate mobile device provider Commercial Wireless has signed a deal to roll out a solution that enables executives to access office data via any mobile device to its 50,000 customers in Ireland.

Dublin-based Commercial Wireless signed the deal with remote software company Asavie to deploy to its Irish user base. from Asavie is a subscription-based service that is completely web deployed and managed. Unlike traditional remote access solutions, requires no hardware deployment in the office infrastructure. This removes one of the main barriers to deploying a remote access solution, namely the typically large upfront capital costs.

“As working life becomes increasingly mobile we believe provides a very affordable and secure way for SMEs and enterprises alike to remotely access corporate data,” said Ronan Murphy, director of Commercial Wireless. “It’s another great way to use a mobile phone, laptop or device.”

As a subscription-based service, customers simply pay for what they require and no more. For this they get an enterprise-class remote access service that allows authorised users to securely access all corporate data (including email) from any suitable device.

“One of the biggest issues for mobile workers is being able to quickly and securely access office data while on the move,” said Ralph Shaw, CEO of Asavie Technologies. “ can increase productivity and efficiency by making information available anytime, any place through any device,” he added.

By John Kennedy