Jamaica to host Digicel’s battle with Google and Facebook

1 Oct 2015

Denis O'Brien

Mobile operator Digicel is plotting an interesting route towards extra revenues in its mobile network as it looks to implement ad-blocking technology across its services in Jamaica.

The company has networks across the Caribbean and, were it to push through with this ad-blocking tactic, would draw Facebook and Google into a bit of a dispute.

By this stage we all know how the duo (and more) earn their crusts, tailoring advertising to their users’ preferences. In basic terms, the user does the work, surfing the internet, communicating with friends and wracking up information on his/her habits.

Digicel, owned by Irish businessman Denis O’Brien, obviously feels that companies are not just profiting from users’ input, but also from expensively assembled networks.

Partnering with Shine, an Israeli company that has developed the technology, Digicel is basically looking for the likes of Google, Facebook or Yahoo to partner up in order to continue down the road they have been on.

Digicel namechecked those three companies, actually, when saying that certain companies act “unashamedly” in their actions to “trade off the efforts and investments” of companies such as itself.

“Currently, these companies do not pay to make use of the network and the services they provide on it suck up bandwidth to make money for themselves through advertising while putting no money in,” said Digicel.

It’s starting in Jamaica for now, but will soon spread into other markets that Digicel operates in.

Main image via ITU Pictures on Flickr

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic