Knowledge: the biggest barrier to VoIP adoption in small businesses?

20 May 2009

A Komplett study has argued that a lack of knowledge could be the biggest barrier to VoIP adoption by small firms

A sample study carried out by Komplett of its small business customer base – those with 10 employees or less – has found that while many small business managers are keen to make the savings afforded by VoIP telephony, they are turned off by a lack of available and affordable knowledge on the subject.

According to the study, such businesses are concerned about the reliability of VoIP in their business and are lacking relevant knowledge to put together a VoIP solution that is scaled to their organisational needs.

The feedback indicated that while small business managers are aware of the potential savings by taking advantage of VOIP, they do not know what options are available to them and which are most suitable, ranging from a simple Skype set-up to a more advanced enterprise solution.

“While awareness of the availability of a cost-saving service is high, where companies are lacking is in the knowledge of how to implement this service in their organisation,” explained Aaron McKenna, country manager, Komplett Ireland.

As a result, Komplett is offering a free consultation to any small or medium business owner on the best type of VoIP fit for their organisation.

By Carmel Doyle