Ladies meet lords of dance online

10 Aug 2007

Just when you thought there was a social networking site for everything from for your mutt to for pranksters, along comes a Michael Flatley-inspired online portal. is a social networking site specifically for those interested in Irish dancing, a popular hobby outside Ireland, especially among the children of expats.

Launched in July, the site already has hundreds of members and gets thousands of visitors per month.

The site was started by brothers Paul and Shane McAvinchey, the former a web developer and the latter an ex-Riverdancer.

Paul McAvinchey started the site with the help of Ning, a US site that allows anyone to create a social networking site using its platform for free.

Ning, which started in 2005, powers over 80,000 social networking sites globally in three main categories: photos, videos and groups.

While the proliferation of social networking sites out there may seem daunting, making it difficult to keep track of your friends even with the help of Google, a new site has been launched to remedy this.

Spock (Single Point Of Contact by Keyboard) is a people-finding search engine that aims to tag and list people in one place, almost like a super social network.

The search engine has already indexed over 100 million people, pulling information from various sources including MySpace, LinkedIn, Bebo and Facebook.

By Marie Boran