Lenovo’s ThinkPad goes BlackBerry syncing

16 Feb 2009

BlackBerry smart phone users will be able to seamlessly sync enterprise email with their Lenono ThinkPad laptops, after the two companies made public a new partnership to integrate RIM and Lenovo technologies.

Using Lenovo’s Constant Connect technology, BlackBerry email can be automatically synced via Bluetooth with a ThinkPad, even if it is switched off.

“With more and more mobile professionals relying on both their BlackBerry smart phone and ThinkPad laptop PC, we view better integration between the two devices as a necessity.

“Today’s announcement is the first step in combining these best-in-class solutions to deliver a more useful and powerful mobile work experience,” said Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing.

The technology works by slotting a Constant Connect card into the ThinkPad notebook, which picks up the BlackBerry once it is within a radius of about 30ft. This will work as long as the BlackBerry is running on at least OS 4.2 and the ThinkPad is from summer 2008 onwards, according to Engadget.com.

Constant Connect. will be made available in the US some time later this quarter, and will follow in Europe hopefully sometime later in 2009.

By Marie Boran

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