Live streaming TV channels coming to Blackberry, Android

10 Aug 2009

UK-based live streaming web TV firm LiveStation, who recently brought out an app for the iPhone, is now developing similar technology for smartphones, including Android and BlackBerry devices.

In association with interactive mobile data solutions company WeComm, LiveStation is working on delivering its current channels as a live streaming service, with a focus on news, including BBC World News, Bloomberg, France 24 and Russia Today.

Live TV content will be available for a monthly subscription fee and the service will provide access to other news formats from the same providers. The app or service will be distributed by several methods including through the major mobile handset-manufacturers’ application stores like RIM’s App World and Android Marketplace.

Matteo Berlucchi, Livestation CEO, said of the partnership: “Time to market is key for us. By partnering with weComm we can now deliver a high-quality, live TV experience very quickly to the market across the broadest possible range of smartphone devices.”

The new technology aims to mix the live updates of a streaming news channel with the functionality of a mobile application.

There is no date for when this TV technology platform will be made available.