London Tube dumps mobile phone coverage plans

1 Apr 2011

The London Tube has abandoned plans to introduce mobile phone coverage for the 2012 summer Olympics, due to funding issues and limited time left to complete the project.

Vodafone, Telefonica’s O2, Everything Everywhere and Three UK had been working with the Chinese telecoms provider Huawei and others to provide phone coverage to London’s underground in time for the Olympic Games, which start in July of next year.

In a joint statement they said, “We have been working closely with infrastructure partners and London Underground for some time with the hope of delivering mobile services to London Underground and are disappointed that it will not be possible to deliver such services in time for next year’s Olympic Games.

“As a group, we will continue to positively explore all other avenues available to us in order to provide a service at a later date.”

The four operators have allegedly spent several millions of pounds on the project.

“We are grateful to the companies who explored the possibility of getting full mobile coverage on the Tube, although disappointed the genuine problems encountered could not be overcome on this occasion,” said the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

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