Magnet cuts prices of next-gen 24Mbps broadband

30 Nov 2009

Magnet has cut the price of its 24Mbps broadband service to €29.99 a month from €39.99, a saving of €120 annually.

Entitled Magnet Force Max, the service is available to almost 600,000 homes nationwide.

“While with this service we are 1Mbps off the recommended 25Mbps speeds defined as next-generation broadband, this is still the fastest and most widespread service available on the market today,” said Magnet CEO Mark Kellett.

“It’s now also the cheapest when you take account of the add-ons and the fact that the line is not shared with anyone else.”

Unique service feature

Line sharing, or contention, is a unique feature of Magnet’s service and one that gives the company a leading position when comparing its broadband to that from other providers, said Kellett.

“Subscribers to other broadband services often find that their speeds slow dramatically in the evening when they want to use it. This comes down to having to share their line with up to 48 other subscribers. With Magnet, you don’t share with anyone, meaning you get the same fast broadband speeds all day long.

“Online programme catch-up service RTE Player, YouTube and other bandwidth-hungry services can now be viewed without any of the inherent long delays and glitches that they may be suffering currently,” Kellett added.

On offer

Until 13 December, Magnet Force Max will include free local and national calls plus 200 minutes of free international calls to 20 destinations free for two months.

The free TV service that comes with it offers customers live, full-screen television viewing on their computers for stations RTE1, RTE2, TV3, 3e TG4 and MTV

By John Kennedy

Photo: Mark Kellett, Magnet CEO.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years