Magnet in IPTV middleware deal

25 Mar 2009

Broadband and internet protocol (IPTV) provider Magnet has upgraded its existing middleware infrastructure to Dreampark’s Dreamgallery system.

Magnet Networks chose to change to Dreamgallery after an extensive selection process that tested its speed, flexibility and user-friendliness.

“Magnet’s proposition has been to give its customers more, and this is exactly the reason behind our decision to select Dreampark as our new IPTV middleware platform,” said Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet Networks.

“We have very high expectations set by our customers, and rightly so. We need a best-in-class Middleware that provides us with an advanced feature set, a committed and innovative roadmap, a vast choice of integrated partner vendors and top-class support in an ever-changing industry.

“Dreampark not only meets these expectations, but greatly exceeds them with their experience gained from being Europe’s most deployed middleware,” Kellett added.

Dreampark is the main provider of IPTV middleware to major European internet TV stations such as Boxer, Canal Digital, Dansk Bredband, Teracom, Smile Content and Viasat.

“Magnet Networks is the largest IPTV provider in Ireland, and we are proud it chose Dreampark and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the Dreamgallery solution in its entirety,” said Per Skyttvall, CEO at Dreampark.

“We are confident this partnership will successfully achieve Magnet’s goal of increasing its IPTV subscribers. We are satisfied with this win and look forward to working with a true pioneer within the IPTV space,” Skyttvall said.

By John Kennedy