Magnet rolls out 10MB broadband service

12 Jul 2007

Broadband provider Magnet Business has introduced a new 10MB business broadband service that will be available in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Portlaoise.

The company claims that the new10MB download and 1MB upload service is faster than the next nearest product, Eircom’s 6MB service.

Magnet Business sales and marketing director Donal Hanrahan said that the service will also be non-contended, meaning businesses won’t be sharing their connection with others.

Magnet has invested over €65m to date in its broadband network and is the third largest broadband provider targeting the Irish business community.

Magnet Business is currently offering a number of other business broadband packages that include a 3MB download and 256Kbps upload service for €50 a month, a 4MB download and 512Kb upload service for €75 a month, a 6MB download and 512Kb upload service for €115 a month and an 8MB download and 1MB upload service for €149 per month.

“Launching the 10Mb product is in direct response to our media, engineering and architectural business customers,” Hanrahan said. “Having signed up to our 4Mb, 6Mb or 8Mb products, they have seen clear productivity gains.”

Hanrahan says that the average office worker can waste up to 30 minutes a week waiting for slow downloads.

“When you extrapolate that to a business which has heavy internet usage – media companies browsing online image catalogues, online ordering of supplies or sending large graphic files – it can become two hours a week of ‘waiting’.

“That’s a day a month of lost productivity per employee – almost €1,000 a year at the minimum wage level,” said Hanrahan.

By John Kennedy