MaxRoam SIM cards arriving on EasyJet flights

22 Feb 2012

EasyJet customers will now be able to purchase a ready-to-go MaxRoam SIM card on board all flights as part of Cubic Telecom’s new deal with the airline.

Cubic Telecom was founded in 2007 and is aiming to cut the cost of using mobile phones while abroad. It has partnered with EasyJet, which operates more than 200 aircrafts on 500 routes between 118 European, North African and West Asian cities.

Customers can use the SIM cards to avoid roaming charges. They can receive all calls for free and make calls to any destination in the world for 15 cents per minute. They can also use the internet from their phones for €10 for 500MB.

“We are delighted to announce this agreement to provide MaxRoam on Easyjet,” said Kieran Sexton, Cubic Telecom sales director.

“It is the ideal partner for MaxRoam to provide passengers with a high-quality, low-cost roaming service when travelling and to avoid a nasty bill shock when they return home,” he said.