McAfee in fibre network deal with E-net

27 Jul 2010

Security software giant McAfee has signed a deal with fibre provider E-net to connect to the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) in Cork city. The move highlights the connection between MANs and foreign direct investment.

E-net facilitated the delivery of two separate fibre connections for McAfee’s recently opened state-of-the-art premises in Mahon, Cork.

The first was a 100Mbps circuit and was delivered and handed over after just six working days from order placement.

The second was a dark fibre connection, handed over to another operator only 24 hours after the order was received.

“These MAN connections demonstrate E-net’s ambition to stimulate the rollout of advanced technologies to businesses all over Ireland,” Conall Henry, CEO of E-Net, explained.

“McAfee will be benefiting from the best available technology that knowledge-based businesses now require.”

McAfee recently announced 100 new jobs, bringing its workforce in Cork to 280 people. The site is McAfee’s headquarters for much of the company’s international operations, including global localisation and product readiness, EMEA finance, procurement, operations and logistics for EMEA and Asia Pacific, as well as EMEA inside sales. 

“Telecoms connectivity and bandwidth were an essential part of the preparation to open McAfee’s new EMEA headquarters in Cork,” Paul Walsh, vice-president of Localisation at McAfee explained.

“With 280 employees working across multiple areas of our EMEA and international operations, the ability to connect securely with and respond to customers, partners, colleagues and others is imperative.

“With our Cork site being at the heart of so much of the company’s international activity, and with a great deal of cross-functional and cross-boundary operation, being able to connect and focus on our business was essential from the moment our site became operational. ”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years