Meteor expands Broadband to Go to 100 locations

15 Jul 2010

Mobile operator Meteor has rolled out coverage for more locations supporting its Broadband to Go 3G mobile broadband service to reach its 100th location.

The 100th location for Broadband to Go is Clonmel, where it was launched today at the Meteor store on Gladstone Street. The 3G mobile broadband service was launched in March 2009 initially as a 7.2Mbps service and later graduating to a 14.4Mbps. The mobile operator offers both a Day Pass and 30 Day Pass service, as well as bill pay.

“Reaching our 100th location with Clonmel means that more and more people across the country are availing of Meteor’s 3G high-speed data network,” said Bill Blake, Meteor’s head of consumer segments.

“In our ongoing efforts to ensure that Meteor customers receive the fastest and best service available, we have already trialled our 21.1Mbps network, which we hope to roll out towards the end of the year.”