Microsoft brings presence app to Nokia handsets

5 May 2010

Aiming for affordable and ubiquitous unified communications on the mobile platform, Nokia and Microsoft have released the first application from their mobile productivity alliance: Microsoft Communicator Mobile.

This new application is available for download today from the Ovi Store for Nokia E72 and E512 handsets initially and pulls in Microsoft Office functionality onto the smartphone.

Microsoft Communicator Mobile combines email, IM, text and phone presence

What this means is that users can see the names and availability status of their colleagues, including the best method to contact them, from IM to email, text and phone call.

“This application really provides a much more efficient way to work with others as you can see if someone is busy or available, and the best way to start a conversation with them,” says Ukko Lappalainen, vice-president at Nokia.

“It also meets all of the requirements for enterprise: cost effective to implement, secure, familiar and reliable.”

The new app extends Communicator for the desktop

Ideally, this will work best for enterprise that has already deployed Communicator for desktop and is now looking to extend it to mobile, said Scott Petty, director at Vodafone Group Business Services.

Microsoft Communicator Mobile adds to the work Nokia has already done on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and both companies plan to deliver this application pre-installed on select Nokia smartphones in the future with support for additional devices, including the recently announced Nokia E5.

By Marie Boran