Microsoft working on HTML5 Skype for browsers?

16 Apr 2012

A number of job advertisements from Microsoft have revealed that the company could be working on a HTML5 version of Skype to run in web browsers.

Ars Technica reports Microsoft posted four job ads for a project called ‘Skype for Browsers.’ While Skype is also integrated into Facebook, this project appears to cover web browsers, in general.

The company is looking for staff in London and Prague with experience developing HTML5 user interfaces, including rich interaction based on JavaScript.

It will be the latest platform for which the videoconferencing service is available. Last year, Microsoft acquired Skype in a deal worth US$8.5bn.

Skype now functions as a new business division of Microsoft, though Skype will not be exclusive to Microsoft products. Microsoft has since brought the Skype app to the Windows Phone platform.