Mobile cloud capabilities revealed for 3G camera phones

22 Dec 2008

An innovative young mobile software company has developed a series of applications that allow 3G phone owners and businesses to make better use of photography ability on their handsets.

The Limerick-based technology company Go2Mobile has developed an application called Go2mms that gives users and businesses the ability to view large numbers of phone originated pictures in a user friendly online facility that displays pictures, video clips and audio clips.

According to ComReg one in five people have a 3G capable phone, mostly all have embedded cameras, but only 4pc of people surveyed send picture messages.

Radio and television Stations can use the technology to allow listeners and viewers to send in pictures of their weekend activities, competitions while promotional companies can use it on behalf of their clients to increase brand awareness & customer interactivity.

The technology can also be used by outdoor events companies and the entertainment and advertising sector to allow concert goers, for example, to send pictures pictures back to a central source, so possible film or photo shoot locations can be reviewed and feedback supplied instantly via SMS.

It also has potential safety applications such as identity recognition. For example, if parents cannot pick up their child from school, allow them to send a picture of the person collecting, that teachers can use it for online reference.

Users can use the technology to keep their blogs up to date with pictures and text.

In terms of industry vertical applications it has a number of potential uses. Traffic wardens can use it to send photos of cars where offences have been committed and insurance companies can set up a facility where people who have been in accidents can send in pictures of damage.

Corporations and environmental authorities can use the technology to receive pictures of pollution and rubbish dumping while engineers and architects can send pictures back to base so assigned staff, wherever they are, can visually review certain problematic issues in real-time.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years