Mobile service automatically diverts unwanted calls

28 Sep 2010

Mobile phone users need worry no more about screening withheld numbers as a new technology exists that does it for you.

The call screening technology comes from Dublin-based company, dialFX Limited, and removes the dilemma that Irish mobile phone users face when encountering withheld numbers and unwelcome callers.

The Visual Voicemail Elite service screens incoming private and withheld calls on demand. It works on the principle that approved callers are put through in advance and transferred directly to the user’s mobile phone while unwanted, anonymous or blocked number will go directly to the dialFX Voicemail.


According to the company, the screening process is completely transparent. The caller only hears standard dial and ringing tones.

The service offers multiple features, including the world’s first anonymous call tagging system that allows users to visually distinguish voice-mail messages from the same caller.

All Visual Voicemail Elite services can be accessed using any standard internet browser.