More work to be done on LLU, says ComReg

7 Jul 2006

Although there has been a considerable level of engagement by the telecoms industry over the past number of weeks resulting in progress, there is more work to be done, says the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg).

The status update comes over a month since telecom operators agreed to return to the local loop unbundling (LLU) negotiating table.

Negotiations between Irish telecoms operators have been taking place since December 2004 and have centred on implementing automated processes for rival operators to offer broadband services using LLU over Eircom’s network. Two months ago BT Ireland, however, Magnet and Smart stormed away from the table as negotiations broke down.

In a status update on LLU since ComReg managed to bring the various players back to the table, the telecoms regulator says there continues to be ongoing delivery issues associated with the stand-alone LLU product.

This has resulted in delayed delivery of orders and performance standards which “generally fall short of those specified in industry-agreed inter-operator processes and wholesale service level agreements (SLAs).

“While there has been constructive agreement by all sides, this has not yet translated inter-operational results and the momentum achieved to date must be maintained to achieve this,” the regulator stated.

According to the action plan produced by ComReg a month ago, on 8 August an interim product will be available that will allow customers to keep their existing phone number when changing broadband supplier.

On the same day ComReg envisages the industry will commence development of a long-term solution to permit customers to keep their existing phone number when changing broadband supplier.

By John Kennedy