Motorola sales up 18pc
to US$36.8bn

20 Jan 2006

In its end-of-year results, mobile phone maker Motorola posted record sales of US$36.8bn for 2005, up 18pc on the previous year. The results were driven by record mobile device shipments of 146 million units, up 40pc on the previous year.

The company maintained a positive operating cash flow of US$4.6bn and earnings per share were up 102pc.

Motorola also recorded impressive figures for the fourth quarter, with sales of US$10.4bn, up 18pc on the same quarter in 2004. During the fourth quarter the company shipped some 44.7 million units.

During the fourth quarter Motorola maintained a No 1 market share position in North America and Latin America, and achieved No 2 position in Europe and North Asia.

During the fourth quarter the company introduced 26 new handsets and expanded its distribution networks in what it terms the high-growth markets region of the Middle East, Africa, India and Northeast Asia.

The company posted notable advances in the government mobility solutions segments with sales of US$1.8bn, up 8pc on the year. However, its networks segment saw sales fall 4pc to US$1.5bn.

“We are very pleased about our record fourth-quarter and full-year results,” said Ed Zander, chairman and CEO. “Motorola continues to deliver compelling products and solutions to our customers, who are embracing our vision of seamless mobility.”

By John Kennedy