‘My Bill’ iPhone app puts O2 in your palm

10 Jun 2009

All O2 customers in Ireland can enjoy billing and account information through a handy, easy-to-use ‘My Bill’ app, which launched today on the Apple iTunes App Store.

The application, developed by Vinny Coyne of EirText and EirText Pro fame, allows O2.ie customers to check their account details, including remaining text, voice minutes and data for the month, as well as checking their account balance and bill due date at a glance.

In My Bill,there are also drilldowns into carried-over, allocated, available, used and remaining units for your text, voice and data bundles, and you can also view previous bills, but more importantly pay your current one.

The extras feature brings you to roaming and insurance, which you can toggle on and off, as well as the ability to switch on different text bundles because this is linked into your existing O2.ie account.

While bill-pay customers can obviously do all of this, Speakeasy users cannot bill pay but can check their phone credit and account details.

My Bill works on both the iPhone and iPod touch, and is available for download from the App Store for €1.59.

By Marie Boran