N900 set for March release date in Ireland

14 Jan 2010

Already on sale in the UK since late 2009, Nokia’s N900 smart phone is set for a March release date here in Ireland although no exact date has been given yet.

As for the carrier, this will most likely be Vodafone, given that this is the case in the UK and the fact that Vodafone Ireland announced in October 2009 that it would be the proud vendor of the device.

With a 600 MHz processor and up to 1GB of application memory (RAM), on first glance the N900 appears to slightly resemble the N97 but the faster processor, unique Linux-based Maemo operating system and higher resolution 3.5-inch touch-sensitive widescreen display plus multiple desktops (four scrolling personalised screens) sets it apart.

The Booklet 3G

At the Nokia Ovi media briefing today in Dublin a Nokia spokesperson also indicated that Nokia’s netbook device with integrated 3G connectivity and 12-hour battery life – the Booklet 3G – would also be coming on the Irish market, but after March 2010.

The Booklet 3G, which was launched on the US market in late 2009, may have a similar price point if it is subsidised by a carrier or perhaps be part of a bundled offer with a retail chain, such as the Carphone Warehouse.

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By Marie Boran

Photo: The Nokia N900