New product from Blueface to help cut phone bills

9 Mar 2011

Internet telephony provider Blueface has launched a new cost-saving product for SMEs with Emutex VMX, calling it ‘an office in a box’.

VMX offers a set of modern business phone features and enables SMEs to benefit from the low-cost phone call charges offered by Blueface’s rapidly expanding VoIP service.

Tipperary-based insurance company, Cullen Insurance, has recently signed up to the service and expects to save at least 40pc on its existing phone bill by using Blueface as a VoIP service provider, in addition to the call-recording feature, which is critical to all organisations selling financial services products.

Prior to signing up to the Blueface offering, Cullen Insurance used a traditional phone system from another Irish telecoms company. The system consisted of a PBX and 12 proprietary digital phones, and required numerous ISDN and analogue lines to facilitate phone calls.

Thinking about the bottom line

Though the system functioned well, the monthly phone bills were high, driven by the recurring line rental costs and the call charges accrued by the thousands of calls made by the Cullen Insurance team each month.

Doug Howell, Cullen Insurance, said: “Now, more than ever, SMEs really need to think about their bottom line and implement cost-saving strategies where possible. With this new service from Blueface, we can save our company several thousands of euro each year, and we are already reaping the benefits. The numbers of incoming phone calls have increased; more calls are being answered; sales have increased; and our phone bills have been reduced.”

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