New security safeguards to protect .ie registry

18 Dec 2009

The IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has entered into an agreement with HEAnet, Ireland’s national education and research network, to hold an encrypted copy of the entire .ie domain database in escrow as a further protection in the unlikely event of a force majeure.

The move is aimed to maximise the safety, security and resilience of the .ie domain

IEDR initiatives

The escrow agreement is the latest in a series of initiatives implemented by IEDR to ensure greater continuity of service and protection for registrants reliant on the .ie namespace, which McAfee’s 2009 Site Advisor report rated as the second safest domain name in the world.

A number of safeguards and measures are already in place to ensure maximum uptime of systems and 24/7 access to registry services.

“This agreement is significant as it provides the relevant authorities with stand-by access to the .ie domain database, held in escrow, by a trusted third party, HEAnet,” said David Curtin, chief executive of IE Domain Registry (IEDR).

“I am delighted that IEDR has been able to add this extra layer of protection for .ie registrants in addition to the many benefits already conveyed under the managed registry model we operate, including a high level of protection from cyber crime and protection of intellectual property interests.

“With our other processes and measures, this agreement with HEAnet now ensures that in the highly unlikely event of a force majeure event or a major interruption to service, then .ie registration services to the local internet community can continue without disruption.

“As the operator responsible for managing and safeguarding the .ie namespace, it is right and proper that any risk, however unlikely, is addressed by the IEDR in the appropriate way,” said Curtin.

HEAnet’s Data Escrow service was developed with reference to international best practice in domain name system administration, and is a key factor in ensuring that Ireland’s electronic infrastructure is demonstrably secure and reliable, explained John Boland, CEO of HEAnet.

By John Kennedy

Photo: David Curtin, chief executive of IE Domain Registry.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years