NewBay written into O2 UK’s little blue book

12 Feb 2007

O2’s UK division has selected Dublin-based mobile software firm NewBay Software’s LifeCache technology for its new user-generated content service.

The ‘My bluebook’ services enables O2 UK’s users to store, share, create, manage and print all their mobile content.

The ‘My bluebook’ is based on the concept of life caching where users can safely store personal messages, photos and videos and share experiences of their lives with friends and family.

Using the MySpace-like service, content can be stored in a secure online personal space by sending a message to short code 40202 and users can then invite guests to view all or part of their personal site.

The new service is being demonstrated this week at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona where NewBay is among 18 Irish firms exhibiting as part of an Enterprise Ireland-led mission.

“I’m sure we’ve all experienced the frustration of having to delete messages or photos to free up space on our mobile,” explained Paddy Holahan, CEO of NewBay Software.

“Now with O2’s ‘My bluebook’ service you no longer have to delete to make space, you can simply back them up and keep them safe forever. What’s more, through built-in integration with the O2 Back-up address book service, users can access the contact details on their phone when inviting people to view and share their personal content.

“This practical yet fun service provides a very compelling reason for subscribers to stay with O2 UK,” Holahan claimed.

By John Kennedy