NewBay’s mobile media in the cloud hits 4bn mark

1 Apr 2009

Irish-headquartered digital-media firm NewBay Software – which supplies mobile social-networking solutions to companies including O2 and T-Mobile – has hit a milestone with its LifeCache product suite.

The LifeCache product suite includes a photo and video album service, which, to date, is now storing a staggering 4 billion pieces of media in the cloud.

This comes after the announcement that LifeCache has managed to store over 16 million text messages in a 24-hour period for the BlueBook service from its customer O2.

BlueBook is built on LifeCache’s Message Minder and allows subscribers to back up and save their SMS and MMS messages online.

Newbay said the recent increase in storage on its Lifecache platform is down to its new one- or zero-click media upload client, as well as the expanding range of cloud services being offered by operators.

“By combining the latest Web 2.0 developments with powerful user-generated content capabilities, NewBay has developed a powerful formula for harnessing the strategic potential of user content for operators,” said Dr Nagappan Arunachalam (Arun), chief marketing officer at NewBay Software.

“In providing compelling cloud-based services, operators are in a strong position to take advantage of the explosion in digital content, not only deriving benefits in terms of increased ARPU, but also by forging a valuable, lifelong connection with subscribers’ digital lives.”

By Marie Boran