Nokia’s Eseries goes mainstream with E63

12 Nov 2008

What is happening with Nokia’s Eseries lately? First we get the superb E71 smart phone, which went slim-line and lightweight, while packing in all the features and functionality that might make BlackBerry users reconsider their options.

The latest Eseries phone is the E63 (pictured) – a Qwerty smart phone that comes in a ‘ruby red’ or ‘ultramarine blue’ finish, and is aimed at capturing a less business-y audience that still loves to message.

Like the Eseries flagship device, the E71, this handset also has the ability to switch modes from business to personal, where the user can have two completely different customised screens with shortcuts to their favourite applications on one and access to work applications on the other.

Soren Petersen, senior vice-president of Nokia, said:“The amazing response we have seen to the Nokia E71, which has very quickly become the best-selling model in its category, let us know that we are heading in the right direction.”

This increasingly common demand for Wi-Fi, messaging, storage, web browsing and social networking all on one device is what will sell the E63, and the reason why Nokia decided that if it was worth bringing out the top of the range E71, then it was worth bringing an affordable version to the masses.

This, and how easy it is to seamlessly sync your smart phone with your PC or laptop in a plug-and-play sense, without having to grapple with too many technical hitches.

The E63 will begin shipping in the next few weeks, and is expected to cost around €199.

By Marie Boran