Nova Telecom and CBNL partner to bring fixed wireless service to Irish businesses

6 Feb 2018691 Views

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Nova Telecom CEO Dave McDonald. Image: Fuzion

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The new partnership between Nova Telecom and CBNL will open up a more diverse path to superfast broadband.

Irish communications provider Nova Telecom is teaming up with Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited (CBNL), a major player in licensed point-to-multipoint microwave and millimetre-wave solutions.

Together, they will launch a new enterprise-grade fixed wireless service, increasing access to high-bandwidth internet for Irish businesses.

Fast and secure connectivity

Benefits of the new service will include rapid deployment, secure and robust connectivity, MPLS Ethernet circuits, and combined upload and download speeds of up to 300Mbps. High speeds are crucial for business-critical services and sophisticated cloud set-ups, which many businesses are migrating towards.

CNBL will provide the network infrastructure, using the 10.5GHz spectrum Nova Telecom recently acquired from ComReg.

As well as the radio technology, CBNL will also offer a turnkey suite of services, from network planning and management software and training, to ongoing support and deployment services.

Businesses demanding more connectivity

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Nova Telecom CEO Dave McDonald spoke about businesses realising that more than one internet connection is required to “provide reliability and constant connectivity”.

He added: “Businesses in Ireland, even in urban areas, often only have one path to the internet, over Eir lines, no matter who is sending the bill.

“This new CBNL network can provide a completely diverse path to the internet for maximum security of supply – something I feel Irish business are desperately in need of.”

CEO of CBNL, Lionel Chmilewsky, said the company was delighted to be partnering with Nova Telecom. He noted that momentum for innovative connectivity projects such as this one was growing rapidly, particularly in the areas of pre-5G fixed wireless, backhaul and smart city connectivity.

The first phase of the new Nova Telecom network is set to launch in three months and will cover Cork city, with further deployments planned in major cities around Ireland.

CBNL already has global commercial deployments in more than 50 countries for more than 100 services providers, including seven of the 10 largest mobile operators in the world.

Nova Telecom was officially launched in early 2017 and has already expanded its network links with companies such as Microsoft, RTÉ, Netflix and Amazon.

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