NTL offers 1Mbps broadband for €25

26 Apr 2005

Cable operator NTL has upped the ante in the broadband market by enhancing its existing broadband portfolio with the introduction of a 1Mbps service for €25 as well as increased speeds across remaining tiers to 2Mbps and 3Mbps respectively.

The company said that all of its broadband cable modem product tiers will increase speeds by over 100pc at no extra cost to its customers from 1 June.

Under the enhancement, services that were previously 300Kbps are now 1Mbps for €25 a month. As well as this services that were 750Kbps will be expanded to 2Mbps for €35 a month and services that were originally 1.5Mbps will be doubled to 3Mbps for €45 per month.

The company revealed that it now has approximately 100,000 homes on its network in Dublin capable of getting broadband services, out of which 11,000 currently subscribe for broadband.

NTL said customers that sign up for its broadband service will enjoy three months of free broadband and free installation for all three levels of service.

Commenting on the news, Graham Sutherland, managing director of NTL Ireland said: “Our company has a major role to play in driving broadband penetration in Ireland. Today’s announcement reiterates that commitment to the marketplace as we continue to provide the best broadband products in Ireland.”

NTL is also rolling out its broadband services to Galway and Waterford from early May. It is the first time homes in both regions will be offered broadband from NTL and will extend the broadband service to a further 35,000 homes by Q3.

By John Kennedy