NTL to offer 1GB Ethernet services to Irish firms

7 Oct 2004

NTL has signed a deal with Level 3 Communications, which earlier this week launched its fibre carrier services in Dublin and Manchester, to provide enterprise and wholesale communications to companies across Ireland with 1GB Ethernet services.

Specifically, the deal will see Level 3 provide its (3)CrossRoads service in Ireland. (3)CrossRoads is an internet protocol (IP) service that includes 1GB Ethernet options and covers a range of interface types and access locations. As part of the same deal Level 3 will provide NTL with 2.5GB ports in Manchester and 10GB ports in London.

“We have now significantly enhanced the resilience of our internet access services by providing more localised points for the collection of regional IP traffic” said Steve Upton, managing director of NTL’s networks division. “Level 3 has demonstrated its continued strong commitment to customers by investing in its backbone and we are delighted to be working with them on this important initiative.”

Earlier this week, Level 3’s entered into Ireland’s fibre communications market that was enabled by its acquisition of virtual private network (VPN) carrier Genuity, which established offices in Dublin in 2000. Genuity was acquired by Level 3 for US$242m after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US. Level 3’s international fibre-optic network spans 23,000 route miles and serves 21 of the largest markets in Europe, as well as 77 markets across North America. Level 3 also has network capacity on high-speed transatlantic cable systems.

“With more than three million customers throughout Ireland and the UK, NTL has clearly established itself as a leading provider of broadband services,” said Brady Rafuse, president of Level 3’s European operations.

“We believe NTL’s ability to deliver high-quality voice, video and internet access over a single network connection offers a powerful value proposition to both businesses and consumers, evidenced by IP traffic growth over its network and need to upgrade capacity with Level 3,” he added.

By John Kennedy