O2 and HEAnet in low cost broadband deal for students

31 Aug 2009

Telefónica O2 has reduced the cost of mobile broadband for students to €9.99 per month on a 12 month contract as part of a collaboration with the third level sector’s internet service provider HEAnet.

From tomorrow 1 September students can get mobile broadband for €9.99 per month with a 10GB monthly data allowance on a 12 month contract.

Students that want a more flexible alternative can avail of a monthly rolling contract for the duration of the college year for €12.99 per month, with a 5GB data allowance.

The broadband modem will cost €19.99 in both cases.

The new student offer is part of an initiative between O2 and HEAnet and is being rolled out to all participating HEAnet institutions.

“We understand the financial pressures students are under and this is especially relevant in the current economic climate,” David Hodgers, Head of Products & Services, Telefónica O2 Ireland said.

“Education and better broadband services are both vital for Ireland’s economic growth and we are delighted to be working with HEAnet to make this offer available. We are confident it will prove extremely popular with students.”

Students can sign up to the discounted mobile broadband offer in any O2 retail store. O2 will also be bringing a Mobile Broadband roadshow to all participating HEAnet institutions throughout September, at which students will also be able to sign up to the new offer.

“This deal supports our strategy to establish ubiquitious wireless broadband access for all HEAnet clients,” John Boland, CEO of HEAnet.

“Circumstances have changed for many people, students included, in the last year and we hope that this new offer, negotiated by HEAnet on behalf of the Irish Education Community, will help to make an essential service such as broadband more accessible for students and staff.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Olivia Flanagan, a maths student from Trinity; David Hodgers, head of products & Services, Telefónica O2 Ireland; John Boland, CEO of HEAnet; and Orla Coughlan, Arts student from UCD

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years