O2 asks customers: Are You Experienced?

31 Jan 2008

With the majority of Irish mobile users on prepaid price plans, existing and potential O2 customers will be happy to hear the mobile operator has a new price plan that offers free texts for life to any mobile network at any time.

The new price plan, O2 Experience, is for prepaid customers who top up their phone credit by at least €20 per month and will be available from tomorrow, Friday 1 February.

While new customers can sign up for the O2 price plan until 30 April 2008, existing O2 customers can also switch over from the existing prepaid Speakeasy model.

This free text offering makes O2 the first mobile operator to give its prepaid customers the option to avail of free texts, no matter the network or time they call at.

The O2 Experience plan also provides for mobile users who do not text heavily: again, it is for those topping up by a minimum of €20 per month and they can choose the ‘free unlimited calls’ option allowing them to make free calls to ten O2 numbers of their choosing.

Also, for those who spend a minimum of €30 per month, the free calls and texts come together as a bundle.

Vodafone currently offers its prepaid customers free texts for life for a minimum top-up of €20 per month, but this is only for texts sent to other Vodafone customers.

By Marie Boran