O2 reveals new pricing plans for business

13 Apr 2011

Mobile operator O2 has dispensed with its traditional pricing model and has created a new flexible model called O2 Exact. The new plan allows options to be added to a firm’s core mobile access plan.

Under the plan, companies can pick and choose from call and roaming options in the UK, as well as data plans and value-added services, such as O2 Fixed, Remote Worker or O2 Analyser. 

Each option is covered by a monthly agreement so customers aren’t tied into a lengthy contract and can change the services they need as their business needs change.

“This new plan delivers real value, as customers only buy what they need,” said Alan Brown, business director with O2.

Firms can cut their cloth according to their measure

“With O2 Exact, companies can tailor their communication plans not only to suit their business but also to suit their employees. If you don’t make international calls, you don’t buy international calls, if you deal with the UK a lot, you can select a clear plan giving you real value. If you have employees that work from home you can select the Remote Worker option for them.”

“In today’s market, cost control is more important than ever for all organisations,” Brown added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years