O2 warned e-billing non-compliant with its licence

1 Nov 2010

Ireland’s telecommunications regulator ComReg has issued Telefonica O2 with a notice that with its introduction of e-billing is not compliant with its licence conditions and statutory obligations.

In recent months, O2’s introduction of e-billing caused a controversy as not all customers in the Republic of Ireland wished to receive their bills in electronic format.

ComReg said it will launch a consultation process on the issue of e-billing in November and has given O2 one month within which to state its views or remedy the situation.

If O2 has not complied then, ComReg may apply to the High Court to impose penalties.

ComReg said an e-bill is only permitted where positive consumer consent is obtained and not otherwise.

“ComReg recognises the desire by providers of electronic communications services to move their customers to e-billing and understands the potential benefits accruing from increased take-up of e-billing (including cost and environmental benefits),” the regulator said in a statement today.

“ComReg also recognises the desire by some consumers of electronic communications services to move to e-billing. However, as previously set out, ComReg is of the view that any move to e-billing should take full account of, and safeguard, the legitimate preferences and interests of consumers and comply fully with licence and other applicable legal requirements,” ComReg said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years