Ofcom allows Sea Fibre Networks to quickly deploy and maintain networks in UK

15 Jan 2013

The cable ship on the horizon that laid the CeltixConnect fibre gateway that connects Ireland and Wales

UK Communications regulator Ofcom has granted Sea Fibre Networks SNF Code powers, which enable the company to roll out fibre-based networks in the UK.

Sea Fibre Networks is the owner and operator of CeltixConnect, the sub-sea fibre network that links Dublin with the UK.

The code powers allow Sea Fibre Networks to connect its sub-sea network to multiple UK terrestrial providers at a much faster rate.

“Code powers make Sea Fibre Networks better placed to quickly deploy alternative networks and interconnection points to ensure customer requirements, such as lead times, diversity and network length are met,” said Tom McMahon, Sea Fibre Networks’ CTO.

With code powers, Sea Fibre Networks can now also maintain its network with the quickest response time, adding another dimension to its proactive Operations and Maintenance Programme.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic