Online voucher company targets mobile market

19 Jul 2007

The online voucher payment company, 3V, who make it possible for non-credit card holders to make purchases online, has extended its service to online mobile top-ups.

Previously, there was no way for customers to top up their Meteor or 3 pre-paid mobile phone while online, but now customers of all four Irish mobile operators, including O2 and Vodafone will be able to use their shopping vouchers for this purpose.

Vodafone is not currently available on this service but will be introduced later this year, said the company.

Entering their 3V voucher number along with email address and the designated mobile number, the top-up PIN, which starts from €5, is sent to both the customers email account and mobile.

3V vouchers are bought in selected shops around the country, and this is a 24/7 option.

3V has also suggested that topping up is an ideal way to make use of the remaining balance on a 3V voucher.

“The mobile top-up service has been a remarkable success,” said Kieron Guilfoyle, CEO of 3V Transaction Services.

“Not only are we opening up 3V to an Irish mobile market with an estimated mobile penetration of 112%*, we are also providing existing 3V customers with a sensible solution to small value amounts remaining on existing vouchers.”

3V vouchers can be bought by anyone aged over 16 with a mobile phone and an email address. They come in amounts from €20 to €350.

However there is a €5 charge for each voucher purchased, giving 3V a 25pc profit on every €20 voucher it sells.

By Marie Boran