Openmind to roll out next-generation SMS platform in Bulgaria

26 Jan 2010

Irish technology company Openmind Networks has struck a major deal with M-Tel, part of the Mobilkom Austria Group and the leading mobile operator in Bulgaria, to deploy its next-generation messaging platform, Traffic Control, in that country.

Traffic Control is routing all of M-tel’s SMS traffic with the capacity to handle up to 2,000 messages per second. 

In addition, M-tel has selected the Adapt module from Openmind, which is an open API that enables the operator to design and build its own new messaging services.

The deployment at M-tel is part of an overall group agreement that sees Openmind as the preferred messaging platform provider for Mobilkom Austria Group.

 “The Openmind messaging platform is a perfect fit with our overall next-generation services network strategy,” Alex Stock, core division director at M-tel, explained.

“The cost efficiencies are driven by it being a fully integrated platform which allows us to reduce our hardware, support and maintenance costs,” Stock explained.

“The performance comes from the capabilities of the platform giving us the capacity and availability we need to service our subscribers today and tomorrow. In addition, Traffic Control provides us with an application gateway that allows external content providers to send messages through our core network that will bring value to our subscribers but in a manner that’s safe and secure for all parties,” Stock added.

M-tel’s choosing a new messaging platform

A key driver in M-tel’s selection process for a new messaging platform was its ability to support a strategy of bringing to market enhanced messaging services.

Unlike many legacy SMSC systems, which tend to be closed and proprietary, the Openmind messaging platform is open and flexible.  Using the Adapt module, M-tel can create and launch its own messaging services to its subscriber base quickly and with relative ease.

“The combination of a traffic router, application gateway and open API all on one fully integrated messaging platform was unrivalled in the market,” explained Stock. “We now have a solution that enhances our strategy and helps us realise new business opportunities in a way that matches both our infrastructure and our business needs.”

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years