Palm Pre socks it to iPhone with iTunes sync

29 May 2009

More details of the forthcoming Palm Pre from the All Things D conference has revealed that this smartphone will be the first, apart from the iPhone, to sync seamlessly with Apple iTunes out of the box.

As reported by CrunchGear, this development does come with one caveat: the Pre will not play DRM tunes downloaded from the iTunes Store, but it will play iTunes Plus songs, which are DRM-free, as well as your CDs and other DRM MP3s that you have loaded onto your iTunes library.

There are other mobile phones that sync with iTunes, such as the Motorola MotoRockr, but its music player was a form of the iTunes player and it only had a 100-song capacity. As Palm investor Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners pointed out to attendees at All Things D, the Palm Pre is the first non-Apple device that doesn’t require third-party software to sync with iTunes.

Another important and interesting added Pre feature is the Twitter Search capability. In the universal search you can choose Twitter alongside Google and Wikipedia – a big coup for the ‘much more than micro-blogging’ service which is pushing the envelope for real-time search demands.