Pure audits find business paying too much

13 Jun 2007

Some 70pc of businesses are paying too much for their line rental, according to fast-growing business telco Pure Telecom.

A recent survey found that more than 65pc of Irish businesses may reduce their fixed line costs by reviewing their existing line rental charges, said Paul Connell, director of Pure Telecom.

A company with 10 analogue lines and two ISDN lines will pay, on average, €261.78 per month, Connell claimed.

“If the customer were to switch these lines to a Fractional Rate ISDN (FRA), the cost would be reduced to €158.72 per month, a saving of €103.36 per month,” he said.

“Annualise that and you save more than €1,200 per year. That’s a substantial saving for any enterprise.”

As demand for fixed-line savings among businesses increases, Pure Telecom has taken on four new staff members to facilitate its free audit service.

An audit takes anywhere from a week to 10 days to carry out, depending on the size of the business and what type of communications infrastructure it has in place.

Redundancy measures are also assessed, such as planning for a backup system if broadband were to go down.

Connell claimed that more than 95pc of Pure’s 3,500 customers have enjoyed considerable savings or refunds as a result of a communications audit within six to eight weeks of the data being analysed.

By Marie Boran