Pure Telecom forecasts €8m turnover

24 Oct 2006

Telecoms for business provider Pure Telecom said last night that it is on track to record revenues of €8m for 2006, up 25pc on last year’s revenues of €6.4m.

The company said it plans to focus on organic growth coupled with acquisitions of smaller niche business telecoms companies to drive growth.

The company, which focuses exclusively on the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) market, says it is on track to record earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of €550,000, up 34pc on €411,000 reported last year.

“Already this year we’ve brought in business in excess of €6.4million, the equivalent to last year’s turnover for the full year,” said Paul Connell, director of Pure Telecom. “A 25pc increase in revenue year-on-year and continuing profitability is a great result for a telecoms company operating in such a challenging telecoms market and is testament to the excellent service and experienced team Pure has in place.”

Connell set up Pure Telecom along with business partner Alan McGonnell. Both held senior positions with a variety of European telecommunications companies before establishing Pure Telecom in 2002

Connell was dismissive of rival telecoms companies’ “at any price” customer acquisition strategies. “We don’t believe in sacrificing profit margins just to acquire customers and so have never sold our services below cost price.

“I believe it’s this kind of strategy that damages the reputation of the industry because eventually something has to give — whether that’s customer service levels or the whole company. We may not be the cheapest but we are still cost effective and can guarantee that we are committed to the business telecoms market and are here to say,” Connell added.

Pure employs 22 people and has 3,500 business customers. The companies telecoms services include inbound and outbound voice services, telecoms auditing, data management as well as various broadband services over DSL, wireless, satellite and leased line.

By John Kennedy