Ripplecom rolls out 8Mbps broadband across Ireland

4 Mar 2011

Wireless broadband provider Ripplecom has upgraded its core network to deliver a 10GB core which in turn is making it possible for the company to roll out new 8Mbps services in rural and semi-urban areas across Ireland.

The company, which claims to be Ireland’s largest wireless ISP by geographic area, has worked closely with specialist network integrator Telindus to upgrade its core network.

The next-generation network is built on Juniper MX and EX technology and will allow Ripplecom to provide up to 8Mbps broadband and voice services nationally.

“This investment gives us the ability to compete with the next-generation broadband speeds of the main players in the Irish marketplace,” said Ripplecom CTO Diarmuid O’Briain.

“But more importantly it delivers this capability right out to semi-urban and rural areas also, thus allowing residential customers and businesses all over Ireland to take advantage of high-speed broadband, regardless of their location.

“Working with Telindus and Juniper means Ripplecom can now deliver a scalable broadband solution to 30,000 subscribers offering a better service and a more competitive choice to customers who have previously felt that they had no option,” continued O’Briain.

Ripplecom invests €500k in network upgrade

Last October, Ripplecom began an investment of €500,000 in its national broadband network infrastructure.

The company’s core focus is to provide broadband connectivity to residential, SOHO, SME and corporate customers within an ever-expanding footprint and will continue to work with communities to deliver a sustainable broadband service.

“It also means we have a platform that can grow to meet future demands and allow more advanced services to be delivered in even the most remote locations.”

“The Ripplecom team have a real passion for delivering superior broadband service that matches the best available in any city centre in Ireland,” said Darragh Richardson, country manager of Telindus.

“Using new technology can always challenge you but the collaboration with Telindus and Juniper proves that Ripplecom can now provide next-generation broadband throughout Ireland and is finally delivering the promises of the smart economy regardless of your location,” said Richardson.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years