Sage 50 Mobile app unveiled for BlackBerry smart phones

5 Feb 2010

BlackBerry users can now make business decisions anywhere based on real-time information from Sage 50 Accounts 2010 as an app.

Sage has refined Sage 50 to take advantage of developments in technology, the current market mood and to reflect the changing needs of businesses as well as the desire for apps among mobile executives.

Sage 50 Mobile is being launched in recognition of customers wanting to access information held in Sage 50 Accounts 2010 wherever they are, at any time of day.

Mobilising key information, such as customer contact details, order history or support issues can enhance the productivity of mobile workers and the service they deliver to customers.

For example, real-time information can be accessed during customer meetings in order to provide accurate quotes and order status. Additionally, time that mobile workers previously lost whilst travelling or waiting for meetings can be converted into productive time by allowing them to stay abreast of their workloads. 

“Sage 50 Mobile underlines our corporate focus in the growing mobile marketplace. We are aligning our resources and further focusing on our strengths in this dynamic market,” said Liam Mullaney, managing director, Sage Ireland.

“With rapid technology advancements in devices, applications and network speed, our customers are rapidly embracing new smart-phone solutions to give field sales and other mobile professionals immediate access to the customer information they need to strengthen relationships with their customers.

“We will continue to develop our mobile offering and lead this market, to help customers close deals faster, increase customer satisfaction and provide more flexibility for their employees”.

Information available at any time

With the Sage 50 Mobile application, Sage 50 2010 users – an owner/manager or CEO – can get the information they need, when they need it, easily and discreetly on their BlackBerry smart phone. This offers significant value to a mobile workforce.

“With one of the widest range of financial products and customers from micro to enterprise, Sage has the ability to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information in today’s ultra-competitive business environment,” said Rob O’Keeffe, strategic product manager, Sage Ireland.

“Customer, supplier, product, project details, out-of-stock situations, credit account blocks and performance information for managers are all important to communicate to staff as quickly as possible. Using the Sage 50 Mobile application on a BlackBerry smart phone with internet access ensures that your data is always available and accessible,” O’Keeffe said.

With Sage 50 v2010 and Sage Mobile, users can ensure that their businesses are always ahead by being responsive, always informed and on top of their costs.  Another benefit is having real-time information with access to accounts and sales information. 

The Sage 50 Mobile application software is free of charge to all Sage customers with Sage 50 2010 and a support contract.

By John Kennedy

Photo above: Sage 50 Accounts 2010 as an app enables BlackBerry users to make business decisions anywhere

Photo below: Liam Mullaney, managing director, Sage Ireland

Liam Mullaney

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years