Sage rolls out ‘mobile payments anywhere’ tech in UK and Ireland

4 May 2012

Business software giant Sage today began rolling out its Sage Pay Mobile technology, which enables businesses to accept card payments using their mobile phones to authorise the transactions. The m-commerce technology could prove pivotal in helping small firms, such as those employing electricians and plumbers, to accept payments on the doorstep.

The Sage Pay Mobile product is a collaboration between Sage Pay, payments specialist CreditCall and hardware supplier Thyron, utilising the combined expertise of all three businesses to deliver this payments solution.

Sage Pay Mobile changes the way businesses without a fixed location are able to accept payments.

The secure, handheld terminal connects to a merchant’s smartphone via Bluetooth, and encrypts the data from a customer’s card at source, so the merchant and his or her phone never see the card details.  

The solution is already approved with major acquired banks in the UK and Ireland.

Last month, Sage Pay acquired Irish software company Integral for €20m.

Unlocking small business growth

With an estimated stg£136bn (UK Cards Association), worth of card transactions made in the UK alone every year, this technology can also enable small businesses in the utilities and services sector – such as electricians and plumbers – to extend credit payments to their customers for the first time and unlock small business growth.  

The mobile solution integrates with the Sage 50 Accounts Mobile service to help retailers effectively manage their entire business flow, end to end and on the move.

“There are over half a million businesses in the UK and Ireland who are still unable to accept card payments,” Sage Pay CEO Simon Black explained.

“Small businesses need to be able to take payments anywhere and at any time with a reliable card reader. Furthermore, this solution provides a real boost for Sage 50 Accounts Mobile users by enabling connected services,” Black added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years