brings out CRM Lite app for smart phones

5 May 2009

The doyen of business cloud computing has brought out a ‘Lite’ version of its customer relationship management (CRM) technology for BlackBerry smart phones, the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.

Mobile Lite gives customers basic access to some of the most common Salesforce CRM features, and an easy way to get started with the productivity and efficiency of cloud computing on mobile devices.

“We want even more customers to experience the success possible with mobile access to our cloud,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO,

“We want our customers to take the cloud with them, wherever they go. By delivering mobile access to our cloud, for free, we’re accelerating adoption of the cloud and delivering value to customers in times when they need it the most.”

Mobile Lite enables users to access the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud from their mobile devices.

The Mobile Lite service also allows users to log calls and emails, update activities and tasks, as well as view account and contact details, leads, opportunities, cases, solutions, assets and dashboards, all from their mobile device.

“Ten years ago, accessing applications on your cell phone was considered advanced. Today, mobile access to enterprise applications is expected,” said Sheryl Kingstone of Yankee Group.

“ understands the productivity benefits that come with mobile access, and is making Mobile Lite an added benefit of Salesforce CRM.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: the BlackBerry Bold, just one of the smart phones for which has brought out a ‘Lite’ version of its customer relationship management (CRM) technology