Samsung’s Cara White launches with 3

10 Sep 2009

The brand new Samsung Pearl White Gossip Girl-esque qwerty handset launched last night in Dublin, branded as the Cara White and available exclusively from 3 Ireland.

Samsung’s Cara White is so-called because “cara” is the Irish word for friend so no prizes for guessing where this phone’s strengths lie.

The Cara White combines both a QWERTY keyboard for rapid texting and emailing, as well as a touch screen interface for accessing your widgets.

Widgets on the Cara White allow direct online access to all your favourite social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter and Bebo – as well as one-touch access to YouTube for watching the latest videos.

The Cara White is not just named for the friends aspect, it also has some uniquely Irish-language features: a full Irish-language menu, predictive/T9 texting “as gaeilge” and widget applications such as an English-Irish/Irish-English dictionary which allows you to translate more than 12,000 words “as gaeilge”.

It also has a 3.2-megapixel camera and 2.8-inch full-touch screen, as well as 80MB on-board memory and a Micro SD slot up to 8GB.

The Samsung Cara White is available now from 3 and costs from €229.00 on 3Pay, and from €179.00 on 3’s Best of Both price plan and from free on Pay Monthly.

Photo: The Samsung Cara White can now be purchased from 3.

By Marie Boran, via