Scots and Welsh want their own top-level domains

26 Sep 2011

Is the Union breaking up? No, not really, it just seems that the Scots, the Welsh and may be even the Londoners want to have their own regional suffixes instead of the catch-all

Scotland’s cabinet secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment Alex Neil has written to the UK Communications Minister Ed Vaizey to throw his support behind the creation of a .scot top-level domain.

The Welsh are also clamouring for their own online identity and want to establish the .cymru domain name.

Two years ago, a not-for-profit Dot Scot Registry was established.

It is understood that Scotnom Ltd submitted an application to ICANN on behalf of all Scots for the right to set up their own registry earlier this year.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years