Sea Fibre Networks extends fibre network to Amsterdam

24 Oct 2012

The cable ship on the horizon laid the CeltixConnect fibre gateway that connects Ireland and Wales

Sea Fibre Networks, the owner of the sub-sea fibre network CeltixConnect that links up Dublin with the UK, has expanded its fibre network from Dublin to Amsterdam.

The firm’s CeltixConnect 144-fibre network gateway, which connects Dublin to London and Manchester, went live in February.

Sea Fibre Networks said it had used third-party providers to deliver the end-to-end fibre solution from Dublin to Amsterdam, via London, while remaining carrier-neutral and the linchpin of the solution.

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) currently trafficks an average of 1.25 terabits (Tb) per second, with a year-high peak of 2Tb, making it one of Europe’s central internet hubs.

According to Sea Fibre Networks, the new fibre network will enable multinationals and providers to offer their customers the most modern route to Amsterdam.

“Sea Fibre Networks now services two of Europe’s major data hubs: London and Amsterdam. This is essential for enabling Irish and multinational companies to export their data from our digital island on bespoke routes around the globe,” said Diane Hodnett, CEO, Sea Fibre Networks.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic