Sea Fibre Networks shortens route to London with Staffordshire Gateway

10 Oct 2012

Sea Fibre Networks, the firm responsible for the CeltixConnect fibre network connecting Dublin with the UK, has launched a new interconnection point called the Staffordshire Gateway, which shortens the distance the network has to travel between Dublin and London.

By constructing the Staffordshire Gateway, Sea Fibre Networks bypasses a longer (158km), more northerly route to London.

The strategic investment also increases diversity in terms of carrier choices and lowers costs for customers.

The Dublin-to-London route satisfies demands for capacity and low latency driven by digital services and online gaming industries.

“In the past, customers rarely had a choice in backhaul provider at this location,” Sea Fibre Networks CTO Tom McMahon explained.

“However, the addition of the Staffordshire Gateway ensures the customer is at the centre of the solution and can design a network bespoke to their requirements, such as low latency (length), cost, existing relationships, or scalability,” McMahon said.

Global internet image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years